Wouter Deconinck

Associate Professor
photo of Wouter Deconinck, Lab2Market West Associate Professor

Dr. Wouter Deconinck joined the Department of Physics and Astronomy in 2019. He leads a research program in subatomic physics that focuses on precision measurements of the electroweak sector of the Standard Model at electron accelerators and neutron facilities. With a M.Sc. Engineering Physics degree, Dr. Deconinck has strong interests in connecting physics to engineering, including teaching how innovations make it from research labs into commercial products.

Research Expertise:

Parity-violating electron scattering, simulations of particles through matter, fast data acquisition systems, large data analysis, Compton polarimetry, hadron calorimetry, particle identification

Research Highlights:

In 2018 the Qweak Collaboration measured the weak charge of the proton for the first time. With this measurement we ruled out models for physics beyond the Standard Model at energy scales up to 3.5 TeV.

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