Lab2Market West brings a scientific approach to entrepreneurship to help researchers assess and reduce the commercial risk associated with their projects. Participants will form hypotheses about their potential customers, business model, and market entry point. These hypotheses are then validated through market research. The data collected is analyzed, adjusted, and then iterated upon. In this way, participants gain clarity on their project's commercial feasibility and their path to market.
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Lab2Market West Cohort 3 will be delivered virtually

At this time, Lab2Market West intakes researchers from research-based post-secondary institutions in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Important Dates (2022):

Bootcamp - September 15, 16, 19-21

Opening Ceremonies - September 30

Market & Customer Discovery
Class 1 - 9
Starts October 4 (takes place every following Tuesday)

Class 10 & 11
Final Presentations/Wrap Up
December 5 & December 6

Upcoming Information Sessions (2022):

Tuesday, June 28 - 12:30 - 1:00 PM - completed

Monday, July 11 - 10:30 - 11:00 AM - Register Here

*Information sessions will take place virtually, participants must sign up in advance 

L2M West Bootcamp

(5 Consecutive Days)
The focus of Bootcamp is to introduce participants to the world of entrepreneurship and inspire them to take the first steps towards commercialization. Participants will be welcomed into a community of like-minded and driven individuals with diverse research backgrounds. They will hear from successful founders who have been in the starting position and can share their experiences. Students will learn the principal market research methodologies and techniques put into practice throughout the core program.

Opening Ceremonies & Participant Presentations

Core Program

Market Validation & Customer Discovery - Classes 1-11
This is an intense and fast-paced period made up of class once a week, facilitator office hours, mentor sessions, and customer interviews. participants will be supported by a vast entrepreneurial network of advisors, industry experts, and business resources. In addition to receiving market research support, participants will also receive in-depth presentations on various entrepreneurial topics, the purpose of which is to bring new information to light, form and refine hypotheses, and help analyze the data.

Eligibility Criteria & Program Expectations

Applicants must apply in teams consisting of a(n):

Entrepreneurial Lead (EL) - A full-time graduate (Masters or Ph.D.) student or postdoctoral fellow within five years of having finished their graduate degree. The EL is expected to work on the project full-time over the duration of the program and must represent the team in Bootcamp and all Core classes.

Technical Lead (TL) - The principal investigator of the research project. The TL is expected to participate in select training sessions and assist the EL throughout the program.

  • Applicant must be a graduate student (Master’s or Ph.D. level) or postdoctoral fellow (graduated within five years)
  • The proposed project must be realistic and technically feasible
  • Project must be the focus of the graduate student/postdoctoral fellow applicant’s study and research
  • Graduate student/postdoctoral fellow must receive permission from their research supervisor to work on Lab2Market West full-time

Use of Funds

Eligible participants receive CAD 15,000 (Mitacs funding) to aid their innovative research. 

$10,000 is paid to the Entrepreneurial Lead as a stipend throughout the program. It is expected, as stated above, that the student works full-time on the project. This includes all program-related activities and the work stipulated in the Mitacs Accelerate proposal.

$5,000 will be held by the TL for program-related expenses. These expenses must be tri-council funding eligible.

Application Process

Applications Now Open
(Until July 26, 2022)
  1. Submit an Application (Closes July 26th at 11 PM CT)
  2. All Applications are Reviewed by Selection Committee
  3. Selection of Candidates to be Interviewed
  4. Successful Candidates Will be Contacted
  5. Mitacs Accelerate
    1. You will be contacted by your local Mitacs representative and have two weeks to complete a Mitacs funding proposal. Your application will not be considered if you do not complete this funding proposal on time. 

Evaluation Criteria

  • Size of the problem you are solving (can you clearly define how your innovation solves a problem?)
  • The novelty of the innovation/research
  • Market potential and impact
  • Commitment to the Lab2Market West program


Submit your interest in the following cohorts (Cohorts 4 & 5) to ensure you don't miss when we begin recruiting for cohorts in the future. You will be contacted by a Lab2MarketWest team member prior to registration opening to the public. 

Note: Pre-registration does not ensure we will hold a spot for you in a future cohort, it just adds your information to our contact list.
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